Settlement of fees is agreed upon between the parties before commencement of rendering of the legal services by the Law Firm.
The amount of remuneration is determined taking into account the amount of work necessary for proper performance of a particular project,
the required know-how, the deadline for performance of the work as well as
the place of performance of the subject work.

The Law Firm uses the tailor-made method of settlement of fees for performance of the services, depending on the Clients needs.
The remuneration may be settled in the form of monthly fixed fee for performing of the legal services or the remuneration for each hour spent by the Law Firm on rendering the services; it is also possible to agree on the mixed method of remunerating in such case.

The remuneration of the Law Firm comprises of fees due to the Law Firm for performing the legal services as well as reimbursement of costs incurred by the Law Firm in connection with rendering of the legal services to
the Client.